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You can save Mendham for Future Generations

The MAPC has teamed with the  Raritan Headwaters Association to identify and research vernal pools in Open Space in the Mendhams.  Vernal pools are an important element to to clean our headwaters and help regulate water flow and keep our rivers and streams healthy.  Important and rare species also exist in these ephemeral pools, typically holding water for two months and are the home of rare endangered species such as the blue-spotted salamander.  The first area being researched is the Loop Trail open space behind the King’s Shopping Center given the potential for disturbance of this area by the newly proposed apartment complex.

Who are we?

We are your neighbors and like you, we moved to Mendham for the open space, privacy, and the amazing 


Why did we form MAPC?

To give a voice to those who want to preserve the wide open spaces, protect headwaters, and at-risk wildlife. This is the fundamental reason our community is unique from others in New Jersey.

What do we do?

We support and advocate for sustainable land preservation and conservation. Future generations need our voice today.

Project One:
Vernal Pool Investigation – North Branch of Raritan Headwaters/King’s Shopping Center

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Act now! Your generous donation will help preserve Mendham for future generations. 

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