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Spring Tree Farms Zoning Change & Development 

The re-zoning will likely result in the presentation of a new plans for additional lots for future development. The conservation of the most sensitive wetland/wildlife habitat areas was and is the MAPC priority. Our hope is to engage early in the process to explore.  ​

  • Environmental engineer & Planner review of new plans; 

  • Endangered species investigation; 

  • Investigation of the Highland Act requirements; 

  • Validate that setbacks are compliant; 

  • Purchase of contiguous land adjacent to preserved open space; 

  • Preservation of Wetlands and Headwater areas; and 

  • Consideration of ecological maps in all future development discussions at Planning Board and governing body committees.

Project Work Downloads

11/22/2021 Frank Zammataro testimonial to Town Council at meeting 8/15/2022 [Zammataro Mendham Township Testimony 11-22.pdf, 61kb]

8/18/2022 MAPC Presentation to Town Council [MAPC-Mendham Township Planning Board - 2022-compressed.pdf, 1.3mb

7/25/2022 New proposed septic location for property [Septic Plan Spring Tree.jpg, 3mb]

9/7/2022 MAPC Response to NJDEP Freshwater Wetlands Application by Tree Farm [MAPC Response to LOI - Spring Tree Farms 9-12-22, 735kb]

10/3/2022 Great Swamp Watershed Assoc.- Across the Watershed Fall/Winter Newsletter [GSWA-Fall-Winter-2022-MAPC Article.pdf, 257kb]

12/21/2022 MAPC Tree & Steep Slope C1 Protection Illustration 12-21-21.pdf

12/21/2022 Applicable Mendham Township Tree Ordinance 12-21.pdf

12/21/2022 MAPC Davey Group Habitat Assessment 12-21-21.pdf

12/21/2022 MAPC Testimony Exhibit 12-21-21.pdf

12/21/2022 Bowman Engineers - 2022-12-21_LAWRENCE FARM ESTATES TESTIMONY OUTLINE.pdf

1/16/2023 MAPC Opinion Letter Signed January 16, 2023.pdf

1/18/2023 MAPC Legal Opinion and Summation to Mendham Township Planning Board requesting conditions of approval to protect Passaic River headwaters and habitat on January 18, 2023

2/6/2023 Final Letter to Town Council of Mendham Township [MAPC Letter to Township Committee 2-6-2023.pdf]



Mendham Mushrooms ​

The MAPC is tracking an interesting proposal from a new private Company, Mendham Mushrooms LLC, to use the Buck Hill and Leddell Preserve for experimentation with fungi to reforest native species.  Both properties are governed by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Green Acre Laws which requires an "earnest" review process which we are requesting be conducted by the Mendham Township Committee before any agreements are finalized. Please get involved in this pivotal decision!

Project Work Downloads

9/7/2022 Letter of record to Mendham Town Council - MAPC position [MAPC Mendham Mushroom Cover Letter & Conditions 9-7-22.pdf, 569kb]

8/30/2022 Mendham Environmental Committee Recommendations to Town Council [ec_comments_mendham_mushrooms_aug_2022.pdf, 129kb]

8/30/2022 Frank Zammataro MAPC Recommendations [MAPC Mendham Mushroom Position Paper for August 30th TC Meeting.pdf, 753kb

8/30/2022 Mendham Mushrooms Presentation Proposal [20220711_mendham_mushrooms_presentation.pptx, 13mb]

8/30/2022 Additional notes from Mendham Mushrooms [Reforestation thesis discussion v1.docx, 40kb]

8/30/2022 Mendham Mushroom Targets on Open Space Lands [Mushroom Target Properties.pptx, 2.6mb]

8/30/2022 Historical Preservation Society Position on the Project [HPC mushroom statement.docx, 15kb]

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